Shower Filters

The therapy shower water filter provides purified water - it removes chlorine (which removes protein from skin and hair) from water and and adds minerals, making the water gentle for your skin and hair. It attaches easily to your shower head or tap to give you clean fresh and pure water for healthy skin and shiny hair, without noticeably reducing pressure or flow rate.
Therapy Shower Basic Set $139.00 TSFTherapy Shower Basic Set  $139.00 $139.00
Therapy Shower - Rose Head OnlyTSHTherapy Shower - Rose Head Only$69.00
Therapy Shower Housing & Cartridge LavendarTSHCTherapy Shower Housing & Cartridge Lavendar$99.00
Therapy Shower Housing & Cartridge LemonTSHCTherapy Shower Housing & Cartridge Lemon$99.00
Therapy Shower Housing & Cartridge PlainTSHCTherapy Shower Housing & Cartridge Plain$99.00
Therapy Cartridge PlainTS1Therapy    Cartridge     Plain$59.00
Therapy Cartridge LemonTS1lTherapy  Cartridge  Lemon$59.00
Therapy Cartridge LavenderTS1lTherapy Cartridge Lavender$59.00
Therapy Shower Cartridge 2 Pack LavenderTherapyShower2Therapy Shower Cartridge 2 Pack Lavender$114.00
Therapy Shower Cartridge 2 Pack LemonTherapyShower2Therapy Shower Cartridge 2 Pack Lemon$114.00
Therapy Shower Cartridge 2 Pack PlainTherapyShower2Therapy Shower Cartridge 2 Pack Plain$114.00
Therapy Shower Cartridge 3 Pack LavenderTS3Therapy Shower Cartridge 3 Pack Lavender$168.00
Therapy Shower Cartridge 3 Pack LemonTS3Therapy Shower Cartridge 3 Pack Lemon$168.00
Therapy Shower Cartridge 3 Pack PlainTS3Therapy Shower Cartridge 3 Pack Plain$168.00
Therapy Shower Cartridge 4 Pack LavenderTS4Therapy Shower Cartridge 4 Pack Lavender$216.00
Therapy Shower Cartridge 4 Pack LemonTS4Therapy Shower Cartridge 4 Pack Lemon$216.00

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